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Fidelity Investment is a company of financial services which based in Boston, Massachusetts. This company operates a brokerage firm, manages mutual funds, provides fund distribution and investment advice, wealth management, retirement services, securities execution and clearance and life insurance. In Fidelity Investment, there is Fidelity Login Netbenefits.

What can we do on it?

  • We are able to register the Employee Savings Investment Plan (ESIP).
  • We are able to review or change our contribution percentage and investment elections.
  • We are able to view our account balance and quarterly statements.
  • We are able to request a loan or withdrawal from our ESIP.
  • We are able to use retirement and savings tools of Fidelity.

Now, the customers who have retirement plans through Fidelity investments can access their account information on a mobile device via the NetBenefits smartphone application. This app is available to Fidelity’s 15.8 million workplace participants as a part of the company’s overall participant experience, Plan for Life. The application supplies a summary view of all Fidelity-services accounts which include personal investment and health insurance, workplace savings, and also personal investing accounts held with Fidelity like retirement and non-retirement brokerage accounts, health savings accounts and 529 College Saving Plans. The customers are able to check their balance, track investment, and see personal rate of return. They also can view plan summaries and vesting balances of their stock plan services accounts and also get a thorough assessment of their medical, dental and vision health and insurance plans.

Even though the application give access to view a variety of accounts an information, it only provides certain transactional capabilities. Now, employees can make transactions for their Stock Plan through the app, according to Charles Berman, SVP of digital platforms for Fidelity Investment. For additional transactional access, live help is available through the app by tapping the screen to cal their plan’s toll free number. So, they are able to make changes to their investments on the spot. Berman also says that keeping employees engaged and on track with their retirement and financial goals is key to helping them get better outcomes.

He adds that as more Americans use mobile devices to manage their daily lives, plan sponsors can now more easily help individuals stay engaged and be informed, all at the tap of their smartphone. It is available across a variety of platforms that include Android phones, iPhone and iPad touch devices, and Safari and Google Chrome browsers. The application permits the users to visualize and access their recent NetBenefits accounts and benefits information through their mobile phones.

You can make a habit to visit NetBenefits often and click around and explore the wealth of resources to help you manage your accounts. Monitor your progress, make changes along the way to stay on track toward your savings goals by the help of NetBenefits. If you need a help when you use the tools of NetBenefits or you have questions regard to saving and investing for retirement, you are able to call and speak with a Fidelity Workplace Planning and Guidance Consultant at 800-887-4015.

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